Ultrafast Optics

This laser tech conference is the leading place for discussing the development of ultrafast lasers, the characterization of ultrashort pulses, their uses in biomedical, scientific and industrial applications. This optics conference will bring together a multi-disciplinary group containing university researchers from various fields, as well as scientists and engineers from industry. Here in this session, we encourage research works and talks on all aspects of applications of ultrafast lasers and on ultrafast laser technology development.

  • Techniques for the Characterization of Ultrashort Pulses and Ultrafast Events
  • Optical Pulse Shaping
  • Carrier-Envelope Phase Stabilization and Characterization
  • Ultrafast Laser Oscillators and Amplifiers
  • Femtosecond and Picosecond Optical Parametric Amplifiers
  • Optoelectronics Systems
  • Applications of Ultrashort Pulses

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