Semiconductor Lasers

The achievements and the latest developments in semiconductor lasers, amplifiers and LEDs, including: Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers, Silicon compatible lasers, VCSELs, Photonic band-gap and microcavity lasers, Grating controlled lasers, Multi-segment and ring lasers, Quantum cascade laser, Mid IR and THz sources, Quantum dot lasers, High power and high-brightness lasers, GaN and ZnSe based UV to visible LEDs, Communications lasers, Semiconductor integrated optoelectronics and the research paper are encouraged to submit under this session.

  • UV Lasers, Visible Lasers, Near-Infrared Lasers, Mid- To Far-Infrared Lasers
  • Cascade Lasers
  • Nano-Scale, Sub-Wavelength Sized, Plasmonic Lasers and Polariton Lasers
  • Quantum Well and Dot Lasers
  • High-Power and High-Brightness Lasers
  • Tunable and/or Single -Mode Lasers
  • Laser Dynamics
  • Integrated Laser Structures Hybrid and Epitaxial Si-Based Lasers
  • Novel Laser Structures and Applications
  • Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser, External Cavity Surface Emitting Laser and Photonic Crystal Laser

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