Quantum Photonics

Photonics conference 2019 provides a forum for the presentation of advances in all aspects of the science and technology of single photon counting. The photonics conference will underline the most recent advancements in locator advances equipped for detecting single photons, and in addition sources fit for producing single photons. Associated electronic circuitry and signal processing is often crucial to photon counting instrumentation, and submissions concerning advances in these areas are of great value. Applications and techniques that employ these detectors and sources are the drivers for improved device performance, and the presentation of single photon applications is essential to the program.

  • Single-Photon Sources, Integration and Characterization
  • Single-Photon Detectors, Electronics and Time-Taggers
  • Photon-Counting and Photon-Number Resolved Faint-Light Measurements
  • Photon-counting and Quantum Imaging
  • Quantum-Enabled Measurements, Characterization and Quantum Metrology

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