Optical Materials, Fabrication and Characterization

This photonics conference provides a forum for exchange of viewpoints and information on new techniques and advances in fabrication methods for optics and photonics at the micro and nanoscale. The focus in this session is on the late advances in creation, innovations including high resolution lithographic and replication procedures have made conceivable extraordinary control of properties and geometry of waveguide structures and IO components down to the level of nanoscale. The applications of these devices are playing increasing roles in a wide areas, including sensors, communications, imaging, biomedical, data storage, photovoltaics and other areas.

  • Synthesis, Fabrication and Characterization Techniques of Optical Materials and Devices
  • Basic Properties of Optical Materials
  • Fabrication, Characterization and Material Properties of Various Photonic Platforms
  • Heterogeneous Integration Techniques
  • Optical Fibre Materials
  • Nonlinear Optical Materials
  • Optoelectronic Materials

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