Lightwave Communications and Optical Networks

The laser conference 2019 advances discussions on optical network methodologies with respect to high data-rate and cost-streamlined models for these networks. It gives laser gathering to talk on the ongoing technological advances in metro, datacentre and optical short-achieve transmission frameworks, network equipment, modules, and related components. The laser gathering program incorporates parts and subsystems identified with cutting edge optical communication innovation and additionally coherent, space-and mode-division multiplexed optical communication frameworks.

  • Fibre-Optic Communication Systems
  • WDM, OTDM, and Optical Subcarrier-Multiplexed Technologies
  • Free-Space Optical Communication Links
  • Analysis and Mitigation of Fibre Nonlinearities
  • System Applications of Optical Amplifiers and Other Devices
  • All-Optical Processing in Devices and Networks
  • Advanced Optical Modulation Formats, Coherent Detection and Advanced Receivers
  • Digital Signal Processing for Optical Systems
  • Telecommunications Applications of Microwave Photonics
  • Optics-Based Network Elements

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