Active Optical Sensing

The purpose of the laser tech conference 2019 is to join specialists, researchers, engineers, clinicians, industrialists, business visionaries and understudies having a place with various interest who have a typical enthusiasm of optical sensing and fibre-based frameworks and procedures. Active and passive optical segments are assuming key parts in current optical communication systems, optical sensors, and medicinal optical gadgets. Optical sensors and fibres have enabled capture and transfer of massive data across both short and long distances and have formed the backbone of the internet. The field of biological research healthcare has been influenced radically by the developments in photonics technologies ranging from imaging, tomography to spectroscopy.

  • Tunable Laser Spectroscopy and Sensing
  • Active Standoff and Remote Sensing
  • Spectroscopy and Sensing using Broadband Laser Sources
  • Micro- and Nano-Optical Sensors
  • Fibre-Based Sensing of Chemicals
  • Optical Sensing and Transduction for Biological and Medical Applications
  • Raman, SERS, CARS, Brillouin, and Fluorescence Sensing
  • Optical Microscopy
  • Active Optical Sensing

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